How To Balance Hormones Naturally

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  • WHY impaired gut health is the #1 reason for most hormonal issues (and the #1 lab test most docs overlook to identify specific imbalances)
  • ​WHY releasing weight seems impossible (and the secret to rebooting thyroid and metabolic hormones from the inside out)
  • HOW to figure out the real cause for hormonal dysfunction (and the #1 reason why most patients suffer needlessly)
  • WHY hormone replacement therapy shouldn’t be the first step (and how to boost both naturally)

Stop Spinning Your Wheels…



Get an eye-opening look at why you have trouble achieving your health goals and why your current approach is keeping you stuck. I also outline how our approach is decidedly different from what you’ve tried so far.



Use the “Getting Your Health Back On Track Guide” as a companion to the mini-course. Rather than giving you bandaid solutions, this guide will help your start meditating about the real health topics you should be thinking about.

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After you’ve watched the transformational videos, you’ll be excited to dive deeper into my masterclass so you can get started on your path to feeling your best self and unlock an approach to resolve your wellness issues for good!

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Meet Dr. Kori Feldman, MD

Dr. Feldman is a licensed, board-certified Family Medicine physician. She completed medical school at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago. Following medical school, she completed residency training at the oldest and most renowned family medicine program in Illinois, the MacNeal Hospital Family Medicine Residency in Berwyn, IL. During her three years of training in family medicine, she was able to pursue her passion for integrative and functional medicine. As a resident, Dr. Feldman spent time working with Dr. Andrew Weil’s program in Integrative Medicine in Tucson, AZ, and with a natural medicine clinic in Chicago.


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A true family practice with staff that actually spends quality time with each patient. The staff also gets to know each person without having to just look at a file. Their communication and follow up via phone and email has been above and beyond. Our family of 4 has been part of this family for 7+ years and we are very pleased. We are a healthier family because of this practice

Amber Klimek

5 Starts on Google Reviews

My family has been a part of this practice for 8 years. We are so grateful to have kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable providers who focus on getting to the root of the problem and not just treating symptoms. The vitality staff is absolutely wonderful as well. I highly recommend this practice. Thank you for all you do!

Melissa Alfano

5 Starts on Google Reviews

Everyone at Vitality goes above and beyond to help their patients with whatever issue they need assistance with. What I love the most about Vitality is the extensive blood work they perform to see exactly what is going on in your body and then they go over the issues that are concerning. I highly recommend Vitality to people of all ages.

Laura DiPiazza

5 Starts on Google Reviews


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